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Workplace Violence Consulting Services

Proactive Solutions for Workplace Violence Prevention

In today’s complex and ever-changing work environments, the safety and security of employees are paramount. Workplace violence can not only have a profound impact on individuals but can also disrupt business operations and damage your organization's reputation. At Mitigate America, we specialize in delivering comprehensive workplace violence consulting services designed to safeguard your workforce and ensure a culture of security and respect.

Understanding Workplace Violence

Workplace violence encompasses a range of actions, including physical assaults, threats, harassment, or any behavior that induces fear of harm. It can originate from various sources - from internal staff to external threats. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of workplace violence, our approach is holistic and adaptive, ensuring your organization is prepared to prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents effectively.


Our Services

Risk Assessment and Analysis

Detailed evaluation of your workplace environment to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks for violence. This includes assessing physical security measures, workplace culture, and existing policies.

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Policy Development and Review

Crafting comprehensive workplace violence policies and procedures, or reviewing and enhancing existing policies to ensure they are robust, clear, and compliant with current regulations.

Prevention Strategies

Development of proactive strategies tailored to your organization's specific needs, focusing on preventing violence through early identification of warning signs and effective intervention techniques.

Employee Training and Workshops

Conducting engaging and informative training sessions for employees and management on recognizing warning signs of potential violence, conflict de-escalation techniques, and how to respond effectively to violent incidents.

Incident Response Planning

Creating or refining incident response plans to ensure a swift, coordinated, and effective response to violent incidents, minimizing harm and facilitating a return to normal operations.

Post-Incident Support and Recovery

Guidance on supporting affected employees, conducting post-incident reviews, and implementing recovery strategies to restore workplace morale and productivity.


Why Choose Us

Our team of experts brings together seasoned professionals with backgrounds in security, psychology, law enforcement, and organizational behavior. We are committed to creating safe work environments through bespoke solutions that not only address the immediate risks of workplace violence but also foster a culture of safety and respect. With Mitigate America, you gain a partner dedicated to protecting your most valuable asset – your people.

Success Stories

Discover how we have empowered organizations across various industries to enhance their workplace safety measures, prevent incidents of violence, and build a culture of security and respect. Our success stories demonstrate our commitment to excellence and the tangible impact of our consulting services.

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Get in Touch

Ready to enhance your organization's approach to workplace violence prevention? Contact us today to discuss how our consulting services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and create a safer work environment for everyone.

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